5th Anniversary 30% OFF (Oct 15, 2015 ~ Oct 31, 2015)

To celebrate the 5th anniversary, iCubeMart is offering 30% OFF (Shipping and handling fee are excluded) to all products except V-Cube*; also, random customers may receive free gift(s). This promotion is for all iCubeMart Members between Oct. 15, 2015 12:01am and Oct. 31, 2015 11:59pm (Pacific Time)

In addition, iCubeMart Membership is free!
If you are not an iCubeMart Member, please don't forget to Sign up for free! You will get a 10% New Member discount on top of sales. We will also be able to send you notifications of the latest sales and items!

iCubeMart members earn 5% Reward Points with every purchase.

Thank you!

* Note: 30% OFF doesn't apply to YJ MoYu 13x13, Shengshou 10x10, mf8 Petaminx, mf8 Teraminx, and mf8 Gigaminx; these products only have 15% OFF. Therefore, their prices were increased to make sure the final price after applying 30% OFF be 15% OFF of its original price. For example:
the original price of YJ 13x13 was $299.99. After applying 15% OFF to $299.99, it should be $254.99. However, Coupon Code is 30% OFF. Its orignial price $299.99 was changed to $$359.99.
The current price of this item is $359.99, after 30% OFF, 70% * 359.99 = $251.99, which is 16% OFF of $299.99.

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