GansPuzzle III Giveaway

Simply purchase $20.00 or more (shipping fee not included) to enter into a raffle. All orders between 8/18 - 8/25 12 P.M. (Pacific Time) will qualify. There will be seven winners! Good luck! Winners will be posted at iCubeMart.com homepage on 8/25/2013 before 11:59pm.

Congratulations to seven winners of the GansPuzzle III Giveaway (*sponsored by GansPuzzle, held by iCubeMart)
To redeem this prize,
1. Please reply to the email which we sent you as confirmation within 48 hours and provide us with your shipping address.
2. You must also agree to post a testimonial within 7 days (at: www.icubemart.com/apps/testimonials/) to show the legitimacy of these prizes. You may lost the chance to be the winner in future contests if you fail to do so.
Other than those regulations, we truly want to thank you for your business and loyal support! It really means a bunch to us, and we hope this can somewhat portray our appreciation!


Order Date Order Number             Country
8/20/2013  #855734576994744     Mexico 
8/18/2013 #949067152984111      MAURITIUS
8/25/2013 #466072014199746      United States  
8/25/2013 #865264289228097      United States  
8/20/2013 #363266127432113      United States 
8/20/2013 #225576459197124      United States  
8/19/2013 #163442165750781      United States 

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