Funs Puzzle's Message Regarding ShuangRen Delay

Posted April 13, 2013 by Jeffrey Wang

As mentioned in the previous blog entry, Funs Puzzle has notified us that they are delaying the release of the ShuangRen 3x3 due to a problem in the current mold. Almost immediately afterwards, Funs Puzzle posted an offical notice about the delay through the Speedsolving forum. Since mandarin is Funs Puzzle's only language, the only way of communicating the message in english was to use Google Translate. Though this is a feasible option, many important details have been overlooked or omitted. However, we are a company of bi-lingual capabilities so we felt that it was our duty to clearly translate the message of Funs Puzzle.

Funs Puzzle has been trying to fix this mold for a relatively long period of time without success. Nonetheless, they believe an answer could be found in around ten days. If this answer is not a valid solution however, they will have to resort to a completely new mold. This will force the release date back to June 1st, therefore pushing the day of us receiving stock to around June 10th. So as of now, let's just hope they figure it out with this mold because after testing out the current prototype, I feel that this cube will prove to be a huge impact on the cubing community (in a positive way). Funs Puzzle also states that both themselves and the manufacturer they are collaborating with are new to the cubing industry. So this might be another factor that contributes to an extended delay. They wanted to make sure that the quality of the cube was superb. They didn't want to release a premature cube just for the benefit of an earlier release.To say the least, Funs Puzzle apologizes sincerely.

Funs Puzzle also quickly goes over their plan of creating a 2x2. They say that the corner piece design is going to be based primarily on the current design of the ShuangRen 3x3 (DaYan is also doing this with their upcoming 2x2 with the exception of using their ZhanChi 3x3 as reference). It's going to be available in two sizes of 50 mm and 55 mm cubes. There is also going to be another 2x2 related item released at the same time. These are estimated to be available in around mid-June.

We completely understand your concern with this delay. I have shared my positive opinions on this cube many times in the previous blog entries, and I would like to believe (though it might not be true) that these consistent conceptions have brought the cube to many cuber's attention. That's why it must be absolutely dissapointing to learn about such a delay. Instead of just sitting down and accepting the fact, we have taken as much action as possible to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. We have shipped out all of the puzzles associated with a ShuangRen pre-order (not including accessory-exclusive orders). We did this to prevent prolonged waiting of other puzzles. We are also going to providefree gifts for ShuangRen pre-orders to conpensate for the patience of our supportive customers.

We hope this blog entry has cleared some degree of confusion and misunderstanding. I guess all that we could do now is wish for the revision of the current mold to be a success.


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