Summer Sale 2013

All orders will receive:

1.   Free iCubeMart logo

2.   8 % off with coupon code Summer13

3.   Marked down items:

a)   45% off: mf8 & DaYan Bermuda 8 Planets, Cube4You Gas Assisted Cube with Cubesmith Sticker, QJ 2-Heart Super Floppy

b) 30% off: all magic snakes;

c)    25% off: Cube4You Blind Maze Tile Cube, DaYan PanShi (Black/White)

d)   23% off: YJ 9x9, Shengshou 8x8 (e.g. $81.99 →23% off : $63.15 → 8% off coupon: $58.10)

e)   20% off: LanLan Megaminx GearLanlan Gear Mastermorphix, Type C Mini 4x4,

f)    15% off: Type C III & IV, Type C WitTwo 2x2, Type F 3x3 I & II & III & IV, Shengshou Mirror Block, QJ 4x4, Shengshou 7x7 ($34.05 -> 15% off: $28.95 -> 8% off coupon: $26.65), DaYan ZhanChi 42mm, New MF8 Megaminx V II (Modified), QJ Pyraminx

g)   10% off: All YJ cubes (except YJ 9x9), DaYan Megaminx, DaYan ZhanChi 2x2 V1, DaYan ZhanChi 50mm & 55mm, Shengshou Pyraminx/Megaminx,  Shengshou 3x3, LanLan 2x2

h) 5% off: Shengshou 6x6

4.   Free gift(s) based on order amount* (must add free item(s) into cart manually)

a.   $0.01 ~ $20.00: a set of free stickers

b.   $20.01 ~ $50.00: pick one iCubeMart Wristband or iCubeMart Baggy

c.    $50.01 ~ $100.00: one iCubeMart Wristband and one iCubeMart Baggy

d.   $100.01 ~ $150.00: one iCubeMart DrawString Bag

e.   $150.01 +: one iCubeMart Wristband, one iCubeMart Baggie, and one iCubeMart DrawString Bag

* Order amount will be calculated after the coupon has been applied. Also, shipping & handling, V-Cubes, X-Cube, and bundles will be excluded from the free gift calculation.

5.  Special notifications:

a.  We have marked the V-Cubes and X-cubes up 8% so that when you order it and use the Summer13 code, it will be of original price.

b.  All bundles are excluded in this sale except for Tall Bundle, Magical Bundle, and Eight Tiled Bundle.

Click HERE for a video of the information above.

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