Anniversary Sale 2013

Anniversary Sale 2013

To celebrate our third anniversary, iCubeMart is going to hold an annual Anniversary Sale! This sale is going to be taking place between October 1 - October 31, and we are going to have different promotions every week to create diversity. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this sale and have fun!

First Week: Oct. 1st ~ Oct. 6th (based on P.S.T.) 

The iCubeMart Anniversary Sale 2013 has officially started and will span to the end of October (October 31st). We are going to have different promotions and discounts every week so make sure to check us out periodically. This week we are having enormous discounts such as the ShengShou 9x9 (originally $90.99, now $69.99). Purchase these awesome deals now before they run out!

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Welcome to iCubeMart, the store that is creating a custom shopping experience just for you. We have a lot of unique and special features that other puzzle stores do not have. One of the great things we are known for are fast shipping times. Your orders are not only shipped off in a short amount of time, but every single puzzle is quality checked and packaged with extreme care. This way your order can be received fast and safely. We also specialize in great customer service. iCubeMart will always try to provide quick, friendly, and effective advice or assistance to accomodate your individual situation. However, our most unique characteristic is that we have a very good relationship with the major cube companies (Alpha, Type F, DaYan, ShengShou, etc.). This allows us to sell products directly from the factories and provide up-to-date news on which new cubes are coming up. We have a wide variety of puzzles and will always try to keep you on your toes with constant discounts, sales, promotions, and events. We all hope you have a welcoming experience here every time. After all, we pride ourselves in hearing our customers say, "Where it's about me." 

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