Smaller Puzzles

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DaYan 2x2 V1 Mini ZhanChi 2x2
The Mini DaYan 2x2 V1 is one of DaYan's first entry into the 2x2 market. Its design and structure ar..
Ex Tax: $14.20
DaYan 2x2 V1 ZhanChi 2x2
Please read Note below before you order this item. The Mini DaYan 2x2 V1 is one of DaYan's first en..
Ex Tax: $14.20
Based on 3 reviews.
DaYan Mini ZhanChi (42)
The DaYan Mini ZhanChi 42mm version is the smallest version of the DaYan ZhanChi line. This cube is ..
Ex Tax: $9.99
Based on 2 reviews.
DaYan Mini ZhanChi (50)
This ZhanChi is about the size of the Micro Memory so it's neither too big or small. It feels the ex..
Ex Tax: $11.99
DaYan Mini ZhanChi (55)
When you hold it in your hands, this ZhanChi looks really small. But in reality, it's only 2 mm smal..
Ex Tax: $12.99
EastSheen 2x2 Keychain
The EastSheen 2x2 Keychain can be easily mistaken by its appearance because of its size, 2.4cm x 2.4..
Ex Tax: $2.25
Funs Puzzle - JieYun (54.6)
This JieYun 3x3 is designed by FunsPuzzle. With smoother turning and an excellent feel,  those ..
Ex Tax: $13.99
FunsPuzzle ShuangRen 3x3 (54.6)
This 3x3 is designed to be an even higher performing cube than the outstanding Funs ShuangRen. With ..
Ex Tax: $14.49
Based on 4 reviews.
GiYang Mini 3x3
Size: 3.35cm x 3.35cm x 3.35 cm With this purchase you will receive: -1 assembled and sticker Gi..
Ex Tax: $1.25
Based on 1 reviews.
LanLan Super Floppy (iCubeMart Edition)
Unlike a regular floppy, this floppy can turn its sides even after the middle slice is turned 90 deg..
Ex Tax: $7.50
LingAo Mini Magic
This magic is a smaller version of the regular LingAo Magic and is great for people with smaller han..
Ex Tax: $5.95
Based on 1 reviews.
Maru Mini 3x3
The Maru Mini 3x3 is a great cube. Never underestimate the Maru Mini 3x3. This cube turns very well ..
Ex Tax: $4.95
Maru mini 3x3 KeyChain
The Maru KeyChain 3x3 is a great cube.  Never underestimate the Maru KeyChain 3x3. This cube tu..
Ex Tax: $5.45
Micro Memory
This cube is imported directly from Alpha. The Micro Memory cube is a smaller version of the HaiYan'..
Ex Tax: $4.49
Based on 1 reviews.
Mini Alpha
The Mini Alpha is a great cube to have for several reasons. If you are a speedcuber and want to prac..
Ex Tax: $4.99
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