Return Policy

Making Return Claims

Make claims here: 

1. Claims or requests have to be made within 7 days after the shipment's arrival.

2. You may only ask for a refund on a cube if it is defective or broken upon arrival. If the cube is broken by the user him or herself, it is no longer refundable.

3. The shipping and handling fee in the original order is not refundable because the US postal office won't refund shipping fee for shipped packages.

4. You are responsible for all shipping and handling fees, if any, for shipping items back to iCubeMart or for shipping exchanged items back to you.

5. Do not make false claims on an item's status. If we find that the claim is false after the item has been shipped back to us, we will be unable to help you.

6. If an item is defective or broken when received, we will provide you with a replacement after we verify your claim.

7. If you request an exchange, you have to ship the original item back to iCubeMart before we ship you the replacement.


Every order has a 7 day warranty. 

If your order was found defective or broken under warranty or if you receive an item that you did not order, please contact us immediately. You will most likely need to provide photo or video evidence. After we verify your claim, we will discuss with you on what to do.

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