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Site Launch                                                       October 15, 2010

Founder & CEO                                             Jeffrey Wang

Chief Operations & Data Officer             Patricia Wang

Location                                                              Los Angeles, United States             

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iCubeMart is the store that is creating a custom shopping experience just for you. Our customer service is cooperative, cordial, and willing to help, and our delivery speeds are the quickest in the industry. As the Official Authorized Dealer in the US for 18 of the most select companies world-wide, we have strong and close relationships with all of the major puzzle brands. This enables us to know when new cubes are being designed and when they enter production.

Our online store carries a wide variety of puzzles and speedcubes. Our novelty items are treasurable finds for puzzle collectors, and out high performance speedcubes are the ideal tools for competitive speedcubers. The site’s large collection of products may be daunting to new cube enthusiasts, which is why we strongly encourage our customers to contact customer service and let us help them find the perfect puzzle.

We always try to keep our customers on their toes with giveaways, discounts, and special events. At iCubeMart, you can get the cube you want the way you want it, outstanding customer service, and unparallelled delivery speeds. This is a place where you could tell yourself with assurance that iCubeMart's "Where It's About Me."




The people who help keep things running.

Special recognition to Frank Zeng for helping iCubeMart Amazon
Special recognition to Ryan Zeng for helping in the initial conceptualization of iCubeMart.
Special recognition to Past Interns: Steven Truong (Site Development Manager), Emily Castelazo (Marketing Manager)

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