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Xiang Yun Prototype
Received the prototype very fast! Shipping was nice and the cube is good!I was one of the giveaway winners and always have a good response time and great help when communicating.
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Josh 07:28:50 03-14-2018
Xiangyun Prototype
I received the puzzle yesterday. Out of the box it was scratchy and unstable. After I figured out how to take apart the pieces... I was able to magnetize it using 4x2mm N50s. This greatly increased the performance if the puzzle. I lubed it will various silicone based lubes but it still feels scratchy. I am going to continue playing with lubrication if both the pieces and the core to make the puzzle as good as possible. The cube (with magnets) feels most similar to a Cong's Design Meiying (especially a magnetized one). Corner cutting is fairly standard and the cube is fast. But "wobbly" and does not hold its cube-shape very well. It is light to turn compared to puzzles like the Valk Power M.
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Cady Shields Raleigh 17:33:20 03-13-2018
XiangYun Prototype
I got the cube, it's pretty good. Definitely not the best on the market, it's pretty unstable but fast and I get fair times with it.
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Noah Pardee Colby 08:24:05 03-13-2018
Prototype Winner!
I bought my first speedcube and won a raffle! thanks a lot for the fast shipping and an amazing priced cube.
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Jesus Lagunes Lafayette 20:57:29 03-12-2018
DaYan XiangYun Prototype
The prototype cube is nothing like the mass-produced version. It is much more sandy and doesn’t corner-cut as well. I really like it and I really appreciate ICubeMart for holding this raffle.
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Michelle 11:11:04 03-11-2018
One of the raffle winners
I’m one of the winners to receive the prototype of the new DaYan puzzle. The new DaYan speedcube is great itselfand I highly recommend it. The service that icubemart gives to the public is top notch. Any questions I had was answered that same day. They solved all problems and doubts I had instantly and to me that’s important as a customer. This is really a great store and I️ would shop here again in the near future.
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Francisco ochoa-garcia Los Angeles 23:56:45 03-10-2018
Dayan VII prototype
The first cube I unboxed in over a year... Greatest feeling I've had yet! It's a crunchy cube, still needs some improvement before Dayan can make a return, but they're working on it.
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Sammy Houston 21:25:14 03-10-2018
I just received my order including the Prototype XiangYun. Thanks for the great service as always.
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Steven Wintringham Findlay 17:28:10 03-10-2018
I’m a winner!
I’m a winner the contest! Thanks very much for the fantastic service and product!
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David Avon 18:45:28 03-08-2018
Seamus Twyman (my mom Jennifer in the raffle)
icubemart did great a great job calling me and telling me I was one of the raffle winners, I would've lost if they hadn't reminded me of it! it was easy to find the Dayan Xiangyun because it was prominently displayed on the home page of the site. This made it easy to find the cube and purchase it before it sold out. I haven't recieved the product yet, but when i do ill post a review!
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Seamus Calgary 16:43:39 03-08-2018
So excited to receive this cube!
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Michelle St. Louis 16:33:40 03-08-2018
Raffle Redemption
I have had a very extremely good experience and will continue to order from ICubeMart
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David Suit Avon 11:13:17 03-08-2018
I will review XiangYun within a few days
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strakerak Houston 08:52:24 03-08-2018
Really Satisfied
I received my package and I'm really satisfied by the products's quality!
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06:44:09 02-15-2018
Old plastic
Your customer service did an amazing job emailing me back really quick.
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Patrick Neely Allentown 14:46:23 12-30-2017
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