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I ordered 2 LingYuns and a Ghost Hand 5x5. This site has very fast shipping! My cubes arrived 3 days after submitting my order (could have been 2 days, but Day 2 was Sunday). As for the cubes, they were VERY nice. They all turned out to be my main speedcube, and I highly recommend the GH 5x5 and LingYun. Both are fairly cheap and very high quality. Jeffrey does an incredible job on his store by offering cheap, high quality speedcubes, fast shipping, and great customer service!!! iCubeMart is my favorite online cube store now.
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Justin Your average speedcuber Migrated From Old Website On: 00:00:07 11-12-2013
Definitely the best store I came across after spending hours looking for a good cubing store. I love that they ship from within the USA so I don't have to wait so long. Their prices are unbeatable and they only sell high-quality cubes! Service is great and all the products are wonderful. Definitely buying here many times! Thank you, iCubeMart!!!
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trans.former Satisfied Cuber Migrated From Old Website On: 00:00:06 11-12-2013
I bought a Alpha V from this website and it arrived in Florida in 2 business days. This cube is extremely good. It is crisp, fast, and fits my needs. Not to mention it was the cheapest cube around! Jeffery genuinely cares about his customers and he ensures a good quality cube and service. I'm looking forward to buying here again.
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Nathan Satisfied Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:00:05 11-12-2013
i love the way your store looks!!! and all the new products. please keep up the great work!!!!
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convinsa Great awesome store Migrated From Old Website On: 00:00:04 11-12-2013
I bought an Alpha V F and am very pleased with the cube. Jeffery works hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction and prompt delivery. Mike
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prostx23 Satisfied Customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:00:03 11-12-2013
bought an alpha v cheap prices, decent shipping, and friendly service definately buying again
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william satisfied customer Migrated From Old Website On: 00:00:02 11-12-2013
The Ghost Hand was great! I'm glad that I purchased it from you. It's so cheap!
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Benjamin Chen Migrated From Old Website On: 00:00:01 11-12-2013
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