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Xiangyun Prototype
I received the puzzle yesterday. Out of the box it was scratchy and unstable. After I figured out how to take apart the pieces... I was able to magnetize it using 4x2mm N50s. This greatly increased the performance if the puzzle. I lubed it will various silicone based lubes but it still feels scratchy. I am going to continue playing with lubrication if both the pieces and the core to make the puzzle as good as possible. The cube (with magnets) feels most similar to a Cong's Design Meiying (especially a magnetized one). Corner cutting is fairly standard and the cube is fast. But "wobbly" and does not hold its cube-shape very well. It is light to turn compared to puzzles like the Valk Power M.
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Cady Shields Raleigh 17:33:20 03-13-2018
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