iCubeMart Rewards

1) iCubeMart reward point only applies to iCubeMart members. iCubeMart membership is free. If you are not a member, please register here.

2) Every reward point equals to $0.05;

3) How to earn reward points:
  1. All customers will receive 5% reward points based on their purchase amount after the package is shipped out 30 days later (shipping and handling are excluded).
  2. iCubeMart new member receives 5 points on Registration, which will be available immediately.
  3. iCubeMart Newsletter signup (when a new membership is registered) will receive 5 points, which will be available immediately.
  4. iCubeMart customer will receive an email notification for reviewing products purchased. Every review will receive 5 points and be available 48 hours upon the approval of web admin.
4) How to redeem:
  1. minimum purchase amount must be equal to or greater than $10.00
  2. you must have at least 10 minimum reward points before you can redeem.
  3. The maximum reward points redeemed in one transaction is 500.
  4. all available reward points will be automatically assigned on Checkout unless you will NOT select it.
5) Reward Points Terms and Conditions:
  1. If one order is completely cancelled, voided, refunded, or returned, this transaction will not receive any reward points.
  2. If one order is partially cancelled, partially refunded, or partially returned, the reward points based on the actual purchase amount will be granted.
  3. If one order, which has been granted reward points, is cancelled/refunded/voided, its reward points will be removed automatically.
  4. All reward points will be expired in 730 days (2 years).
If you have any further question or concern, please contact us, we will reply you within 36 hours. Thank you for shopping at iCubeMart!
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