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Old Plastic Dayan
Just got cubes. Brilliant service. Gave me some free gifts. Ordered cubes on 22nd Dec and arrived 29th Dec here in UK. Excellent and friendly service. Thanks again Icubemart!
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raj England, UK 09:08:01 12-29-2017
Hi, Im Brian and I run a youtube channel called Brians Best. In my eyes your a really underrated company who has a lot of potential to open up to the internet by working with me.
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Brian Tarzana 03:15:07 12-28-2017
I loved your costumer service! ICubeMart responded so fast to my parent’s emails. You even included a special gift for free in the package.
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Donovan Schubert Portland 16:07:21 10-21-2017
Thank you for the great customer service and products. My son loved all his cubes. He told me it was the best birthday present ever. The most impressive thing for me is how much you care about your customer's satisfaction. This was my second purchase, and I will continue to give you my business.
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Lee Li Alhambra 18:34:07 09-03-2017
Amazing store!
After having a few questions about a product, they answered within just a few hours, providing excellent customer service. The products arrive quicker than I expected, and I was very satisfied :) Would order from again!
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Eric Leesburg 13:50:07 05-01-2017
Free Gifts
Definitely great customer services. They care about customers so much! Also, I think the free gifts are a great way to be friendly to customers. 
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Aisha Brisbane 04:35:27 01-09-2017
Excellent customer service
So when I order stuff and I see a comment box I can never resist putting something dumb because I don't think that they actually read it. I'm happy to say that iCubeMart broke the mold and actually emailed me about my strange request for a picture of a velociraptor drinking tea. I was honestly really surprised by both the promptness and sensitivity that iCubeMart has for their customers. 10/10 would recommend.
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Roger Volden Santa Cruz 23:58:16 01-03-2017
Much Help Provided with Shipping
Being a new member, I did not know that USPS places a one pound limit on packages shipped by first class. I wrote a comment when placing my order, noting that I had to pay for shipping. Within a day, a representative had contacted me and notified me of my mistake. Even though it was a misunderstandi ng between USPS and myself (not iCubeMart), I was provided a discount on shipping through iCubeMart's services. Moreover, the spokesperson was very polite and replied quickly. Therefore, I highly recommend iCubeMart for its fantastic customer service.
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Stephen Jasina Saline, MI 07:56:51 10-20-2016
I have ordered many cubes from this website, they always arrive quickly and in the condition promise, I would recommend the site for anything you see in their inventory to give you a good price for what you get.
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Cameron Smith Long Beach 13:34:49 09-12-2016
Love my cube!
iCube Mart gave me phenomenal customer service! I placed an order for a cube and then realized that I wanted to get it serviced. Upon messaging iCube Mart, Sophie was super helpful and kind, and ended up giving me the cube service as a free gift! My cube arrived within a few days after my order. It was packaged well and was in perfect shape. Than k you Sophie and the rest of the iCube Mart staff! I will definitely come back for any other puzzle cube needs in the future.
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Grace Portland 18:41:01 07-30-2016
Awesome customer service
So very impressed with your customer service. Thanks!!
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Cbaxter Nephi 05:53:16 05-16-2016
Will always use icubemart
Great customer service and no international shipping. Any problems are handled quickly and always in the customers favor.
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Rob Z Corvallis,OR 01:56:17 05-16-2016
YJ MoYu WeiLong V2
Good service
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Mathieu Saint-Georges-de-Champlain 13:53:03 04-21-2016
DaYan ZhanChi V5 3x3
New to iCubeMart, I chose a USA-based merchant to avoid long delivery times -China is known for an average of 1 month to Europe-, and possible counterfeits. On these 2 points it's a hit : 10 days to ship to France -for some reason I didn't get the tracking information, though-, and an original DaYan. One point, however, the way international customers must confirm the last 4 digits of the bank card is unclear in my opinion, as these digits are already provided to the merchant. But the customer support is responsive, and we sorted this out. As for the cube itself, it is the exact model I ordered (DaYan ZhanChi V5 3x3), and to my relief the position of colours match the original ones (White opposite to Yellow), which is important for non-neutral cubers. I guess I'll have to get used to it, as it is so smooth compared to my old Rubiks ! I'm satisfied, and will definitely advertise and order again.
Response from iCubeMart:
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts to us!
The reason that iCubeMart is requesting our international customers to provide the copy of their credit cards is posted #12 here.
Normally, it takes around 4 -10 business days to ship from USA to Europe. iCubeMart almost tries to ship out on the following business days. However, how fast the shipping takes depends upon many factors: USA Custom, destination country Custom, holidays, etc.
In addition, all of cubes that iCubeMart is providing are stickered by each manufacturer in the standard color schema unless there is a special note.
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Phil France 07:18:06 03-31-2016
Great store
Fast shipping and good customer service and you will get a free gift which is very nice.
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Lilei ye Gothenburg 10:54:58 02-22-2016
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