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mf8 square 1 and dayan mini zhanchi
I just got the Square 1 so I could learn how to solve it, I honestly was not expecting it to be very good but I was very wrong thankfully. It is smooth and fast turning, and just because of that it got me more into it. The Dayan Mini Zhanchi is really good for just a portable quick cube to whip out where ever you are, and its just as fast as their normal size cube which makes it even better. Services were great as usual. I have ordered from icubemart many times but not for a few years, their fast transaction and shipping is still going strong!
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Nakai Cincinnati 18:52:31 01-10-2016
Great Store
I ordered from iCubeMart for the first time and it was a please experience. Not only did they have a product that I couldn't find in any other store but they also shipped my order very quickly, responded to my emails in a timely manner and included a free wristband with my order! I will definitely order from them again!
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Aysha J Manama 07:38:49 12-31-2015
blue Maru 4x4
Cube showed up on time and as described, would recommend icubemart to other buyers.
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harry bernstein green bay 23:33:34 12-26-2015
Very fast shipment
I'd like to thank you iCubeMart for all their efforts. I ordered two cubes from Central Europe, and in spite of the Christmas Holiday seaon, I received my order well befor Christmas, not like other companies I1ve ordered from! Perfe ct, clean, user friendly website, ordering process, and extra sharp, professional shipping. This is what I received from iCubeMart, not for the first time! There 's nothing else to say, just thank you for your great job!
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Zoltan Nagykalnai Budapest 09:19:18 12-26-2015
Very positive experience from a first time customer.
I bought a Curvy Copter and a Rex Cube during the 2015 Black Friday Sale. Even without the sale discounts, I felt the cubes were reasonably priced, and they arrived in 2 days as promised by the 2-day mailing option. The cubes were well packaged, and there was no sign of crushing/damag e on the smaller boxes inside the package. I will definitely be doing business with this seller in the future.
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Josh R 19:24:37 12-13-2015
Great Site
The shipping was really fast and the cube was great.
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Ethan Amiot Pinckney 13:03:02 11-24-2015
Very helpful!
The customer service is great! The staff are very very helpful, they included some free gifts and when I asked if they had a certain replacement piece for a cube I had, they threw it in there for me. Very good customer service, they are always willing to help and answer any questions or emails. Will definitely buy from here again.
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Gabriel Livermore 09:24:04 11-19-2015
ShengShou mirror cube
This cube is extremely good out of the box, its turns feel very very smooth and the stickers look very elegant. this puzzle is not extremely challenging but is still a fun solve. If you know how to solve a 3x3, then this should be a good challenge for you.
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GC 09:18:07 11-19-2015
They came through for me!
I needed a lot of cubes in a hurry for a school event and they went above and beyond what anyone would expect. The product was excellent, the kids were thrilled and I could not have been happier with their truly excellent customer service.
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Michele Ashamalla Glendale 23:01:07 11-16-2015
iCube Mart Customer Service
I've made 3 separate purchases and must say the customer service is excellent. Communication is on point and almost immediate. You cannot get the top tier customer service from any other cube retailer. I had a small issue with one of the cubes I purchased and they worked with me and we compromised and agreed on a solution. I cannot say enough how I appreciate iCube Mart and their customer services. I am also amazed on the speediness of the shipping and the quality of the packaging...I' m a customer for life.
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Albert Whittier 13:02:19 11-02-2015
The service I received after a mis ship was great these people are easy to work with and super cool! Great store and great service!
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Brock Kansas City 21:47:17 10-28-2015
Great Customer Service!
IcubeMart is my #1 cube store. The shipping is great and the staff is friendly! Of course the prices aren't the best but the customer service is the best compared to popular stores like thecubicle or speedcubeshop. If you are going to buy a cube buy it here!
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Nathan Majwega Longmont 19:04:48 09-27-2015
Good Rubix Cube
The rubix cube was very good and high quality.
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Amanda Alhambra 10:01:19 09-23-2015
Fast Shipping and Great Customer Service
Icubemart is the best website to buy cubes. They might not have the all the cubes that people want but they have an excellent customer service. They ship very fast also ! I order mine on Friday afternoon, and it shipped on that day and came on Monday so technically one business day. That is pretty awesome !! There is no other cubing store that can compare to this store because icubemart is the best cubing store in US.
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Jisung Chung Corpus Christi 08:55:09 08-25-2015
Dyan megaminx with ridges
I cube mart sent us this excellent cube. Their customer service was brilliant. They kept us informed of the order process and chased up the package with the U.S. Postal service for us. I was amazed that for one cube they gave us such personal attention. We will definitely buy all our future cubes from this reliable company.
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Arun Sydney 01:26:21 08-21-2015
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